Welcome AIPP members. Below is a full 2 hour step by step walk through of the edit of the Cascade Brewery video discussed in my talk and workshop at the AIPP Event 2013.

It is provided as added value for those who attended the workshop as well as those who attended Dan Freene’s DSLR Video workshop where the footage was shot.

Members of the AIPP unable to attend the workshops are also welcome to access the tutorial.

All the best,

Doug Suiter

The video is full HD so please take advantage of the full screen option.

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  1. Now that was very enjoyable 2 hours! The only thing that I was missing was how you easily get rid of camera audio on synced interview clips by selecting them all in the Event and deselecting the Storyline audio in the Inspector. Great job! Thank you Doug for making this.

  2. TThornton

    Shared with our entire editing team (even those pesky Premier guys)…Great work and has changed our way of working. Thanks so much…

    • admin

      Thank you :) please feel free to let me know if you’d like any more of these made for you on shorter, more specific aspects of FCPX (or Motion for that matter) and I will be happy to oblige.

  3. Ben

    Thank you so much for creating this video. I found it both entertaining and extremely useful. I have recently edited about 10 hours of wedding footage into a 10 minute video (no mean feat) and whilst I’m very pleased with the result (and so is the client) your tips and insights would have made the job significantly easier had I seen it before. But whilst it’s great to work something out for yourself, having the skills at your fingertips is even better. I look forward to my next project to allow me to put all your suggestions into action. Keep the videos coming. Thanks again. Ben

    • admin

      Thanks for taking the time to say that, Ben :) I will keep the videos coming although right now I am on break overseas which is why there hasn’t been anything new recently. Thanks for motivating me to get back into it!

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